A Better Future for Vulnerable Children in South Australia

‘The life they deserve’, known as The Nyland Report, is the outcome of the Royal Commission into South Australia’s child protection system. Royal Commissioner Nyland states that while ‘there is no quick fix’, the report offers hope and a pragmatic look at creating a better system for the vulnerable children and young people of our community.

Among the 260 recommendations, is the need to provide further training and professional development including those working ‘across the broader child protection system’ (Nyland, 2016), a recommendation we strongly endorse and offer training to address this gap.

The Australian Institute of Social Relations (The Institute) is the training division of Relationships Australia South Australia (RASA). The Institute is a non-government provider of health, community services, family law and human service training based in South Australia.

Specialised training enables government and non-government organisations, managers and workers to provide high quality services to vulnerable and disadvantaged groups who often have highly complex issues in their lives. Specifically, our programs to develop skills and knowledge to work with children and families include:

Our suite of innovative, free and fee-based online training includes:

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