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Introduction to Cultural Diversity – Webinar


Focus AreaCulturally safe spaces
Length 1.5 hours
Who Is It For?           Frontline workers in service delivery roles
Key Outcomes Expand your awareness and develop your curiosity
About This webinar will discuss how to communicate meaningfully to solve problems and improve outcomes for customers/clients, by adopting an open-minded and curious manner.Topics covered in this webinar:

    • Strategies for communicating effectively with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
    • Common misconceptions and barriers to effective communication
    • Using interpreters for best client outcomes

Explore the current Australian cultural landscape, understand how you personally interact in a culturally-diverse environment, and learn strategies and actions that increase your ability to work effectively in cross-cultural teams and environments.

This training is aimed at workers delivering frontline services in the human services sector.

DateMonday 3 June 2019
Time10am – 11:30am
Course FlyerIntroduction to Cultural Diversity
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“My world view has expanded. Thank you”

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