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Marte Meo Supportive Communication Skills Training

Focus AreaChild development
Length 6 days
Who Is It For?           Professionals who work with children and their parents
Key Outcomes Support child development
About Marte Meo developed by Maria Aarts (Netherlands), is a social emotional developmental support program. The Marte Meo method is used by a variety of professions including; early childhood educators, social workers, psychiatrists, paediatricians and nurses.

It is applicable to anyone who has a role which involves understanding children’s development, and recognising the social and emotional developmental processes to support children’s development. It is also used widely in other countries in aged care and the disability sector.

The Supportive Communication Skills training covers:

  • An overview of Marte Meo
  • Exploring and practicing the adult supportive communications skills of following, leading and supporting cooperation
  • Making emotional connections
  • Activating development rather than compensating for the problem
  • Reading the developmental message behind behaviour
  • Recognising how to use supportive communication skills in daily interactions, in the right moment

Course outcomes for a Marte Meo practitioner:

  • Know how to use Marte Meo skills in your interactions with children and other client groups
  • Understand what to look for (i.e. social and emotional skills and supportive communications)
  • Be able to put this knowledge and understanding in to everyday practice

NOTE: In order to achieve International Accreditation as a Marte Meo Practitioner, participants will need to attend all six (6) days*.

DateFriday, 9 & Thursday, 29 August, Friday, 13 September, Friday, 11 & Thursday, 31 October and Friday, 29 November
Time9.30am – 4.30pm
VenueRelationships Australia South Australia, Hindmarsh Office
49a Orsmond Street Hindmarsh
CostFull Fee $750
Course FlyerMarte Meo Supportive Communication Skills Training
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Day one of this qualified practitioner course is also offered as a separate introductory short course:
Introducing Marte Meo

Student Quotes:
“Sally was a wonderful, respectful, enthusiastic, genuine presenter.”

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