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Study from anywhere in the world with our suite of online learning programs, specifically designed for the community services, health, family law and human services sectors.

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AVERT Family Violence Online Training – FREE

AVERT is designed to provide workers in the family law and community services sector with a sound and practical understanding of family violence, its impact and appropriate strategies for responding to promote safety for all involved.

Visit the AVERT Family Violence website to enrol or for more information.

cfp thumbnailChild Focused Practice Online – FREE

Child Focused Practice Online is a free interactive online program for the South Australian homelessness and family violence sector. This course explores the impact of homelessness and trauma on children and provides practical information about how to support children and their parents.

Visit the Child Focused Practice Online webpage to enrol or for more information.

bbv thumbnailBlood Borne Viruses: An Orientation – FREE

Blood Borne Viruses: An Orientation, is a free, interactive online learning program, developed by the Australian Institute of Social Relations for the South Australian viral hepatitis and HIV sectors.

Visit the Blood Borne Viruses Online webpage to enrol or for more information.

doors thumbnailThe Family Law DOORS Online Training

The Family Law Detection of Overall Risk Screen (DOORS) online training program assists professionals to implement the Family Law DOORS in everyday practice.

Visit the Family Law DOORS website to enrol or for more information.

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