The Institute has recommenced face-to-face Workforce Development courses.

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Introducing Marte Meo

23 July 2020

Lean the foundational concepts of Marte Meo; supporting development through relationships in everyday communication. Identify, activate and develop skills to enable and enhance constructive interaction and development.

After your introductory course, you can go onto become an Internationally Accredited Marte Meo Practitioner with the Marte Meo Supportive Communication Skills training.


Supervision: Developing your Reflective Practice

13 August 2020

Every worker deserves quality practice supervision to help manage the demanding and complex client concerns we aim to assist with each day. This workshop will help you explore what it means to be a reflective practitioner and develop your skills to make supervision sessions useful, productive and effective. These skills can assist you in your role of supervisee but can also add to your skills as a supervisor.

Prevent stress build up and possible burnout and provide the best possible service to your clients through engaging effectively in supervision.

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