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Research and Evaluation

In line with contemporary community services wisdom…

Research and evaluation are the cornerstones of the Institute’s training and professional education. Current evidence-based research informs our service delivery; and in turn, systematic evaluation of our programs informs our education and training.

The Institute’s philosophy aligns with contemporary community services practice wisdom. We are committed to quality professional education, a culture of continuous improvement, evidence-based service delivery and responsiveness to the needs of our clients and the community.

Our Research and Evaluation team is currently developing a comprehensive evaluation framework for all Relationships Australia SA programs – clinical, community education, workforce development, and community wellbeing.

Using Mark Friedman’s Results-Based Accountability framework will enable us to measure:

  1. How well we provide and implement our services
  2. How widely our services are used and whether we meet our funding requirements
  3. The impact of our services on the lives of those who access them.

Our training resources are underpinned by thorough contemporary research and we often collaborate with researchers from universities and other organisations. An example of such a national collaboration was our AVERT Family Violence resource – a multi-disciplinary training package providing workers at all levels of the family law system with a sound and practical understanding of family violence, its impact and collaborative strategies for responding to it.


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