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Working with Aged Care Clients Who Experienced Childhood Trauma in Care

bbv thumbnailThis course is an introduction to understanding the impacts of childhood trauma for people now entering aged care. It focuses on the experiences of Forgotten Australians, Stolen Generations, Former Child Migrants and people affected by forced adoption. In this course, you will:

  • Learn about the experiences of each of these groups.
  • Gain insight into how complex trauma can affect the brain
  • Understand how to provide safe, respectful and quality care to those who have experienced childhood trauma.

This course will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete.

The course was developed by The Australian Institute of Social Relations in collaboration with Helping Hand Aged Care and Forgotten Australians

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Restorative Relationships

This course is an introduction to restorative practice and building restorative relationships as part of community sector work. It discusses the intentional use of restorative approaches in the context of family work, counselling, and case management.

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AVERT Family Violence Online Training Basics – FREE

AVERT is designed to provide workers in the family law and community services sector with a sound and practical understanding of family violence, its impact and appropriate strategies for responding to promote safety for all involved.
Visit the AVERT Family Violence website to enrol or for more information.

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AVERT Family Violence Online Training – Screening and Safety Planning  – FREE

The AVERT Family Violence Screening & Safety Planning course introduces universal holistic screening as the first and critical step in developing effective responses to family violence.  Based on current research and professional expertise, the course provides skills to detect risks early and safety plan effectively.
Visit the AVERT Family Violence website to enrol or for more information.

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AVERT Family Violence and the Workplace – FREE

Developed in partnership with the Gendered Violence Research Network (GVRN) at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, the AVERT Family Violence and the Workplace course examines how family violence can impact affected individuals and others in the workplace. Participants will learn how to develop an appropriate workplace response to family violence, the responsibilities of the workplace, and that family violence is a workplace issue.

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AVERT Family Violence – Responding to Perpetrators of Family Violence

Learn to engage with and respond effectively to perpetrators of family violence.

It is recommended that participants complete the AVERT Family Violence Basics and Screening and Safety Planning online courses prior to commencing this course.

Visit the AVERT Family Violence website to enrol or for more information.

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Child Focused Practice Online – FREE

Child Focused Practice Online is a free interactive online program for the South Australian homelessness and family violence sector. Redesigned and updated in 2022, this course explores the impact of homelessness and trauma on children and provides practical information about how to support children and their parents.

Visit the Child Focused Practice Online webpage to enrol or for more information.

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Orientation to the South Australian Gambling Sector – FREE

The program will provide an introduction to the South Australian Gambling Sector for new entrants to this sector, or workers in other sectors seeking to learn more about this issue.

The course has been updated in July 2023 to include the advancements in online gambling platforms and products.

Visit the Orientation to the South Australian Gambling Sector webpage to enrol or for more information.

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The Family DOORS Online Training
doors thumbnail

The Family DOORS online training program assists professionals to use the Family DOORS in everyday practice. This fully supported training will help professionals to:
• discover the mechanics of DOORS screening
• learn how to elicit client background efficiently
• detect and respond to the ‘Big Five’ risks after separation
• apply coordinated responses to identified patterns of risk

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Blood Borne Viruses: An Orientation – FREE

bbv thumbnail

Blood Borne Viruses: An Orientation, is a free, interactive online learning program, developed by the Australian Institute of Social Relations for the South Australian viral hepatitis and HIV sectors.

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Property Law and Practice Skills for Mediators

This course will upskill existing Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners (FDRPs) in property law, property mediation processes and guide the mediator in relation to screening, intake, assessment and agreements. With contributions from current Family Lawyers, Financial Advisors, Accountants and more.

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Working with Seniors – Safeguarding their Interests

This is a professional/vocational education course that is designed as an introduction to working with older people in the human services sector.
• Working with Seniors across a range of program areas including mediation, counselling and case management
• Gain insight into legal, cultural , social and financial issues for older people
• Learn about some of the support services available to older people
• Hear from some of the leaders in the field

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