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Information found here is for current and prospective students.

Student Handbook

Our Student Handbook provides information about enrolment processes, payment of fees, learning support, assessment processes, deferring study and our facilities.

Unique Student Identifier

If you are a new or continuing student undertaking nationally recognised training, you need a USI in order to receive your qualification or statement of attainment. If you don’t have a USI you will not receive your qualification or statement of attainment.

Your USI will give you access to an online record of the training you have done since 1 January 2015. You will also be able to produce a comprehensive transcript of your training. This can be used when applying for a job, seeking a credit transfer or demonstrating pre-requisites when undertaking further training.

The USI is a reference number made up of ten numbers and letters that:

  • creates a secure online record of your recognised training and qualifications gained in Australia, from all training providers you undertake recognised training with
  • will give you access to your training records and transcripts
  • can be accessed online, anytime and anywhere
  • is free and easy to create and
  • stays with you for life

Download the fact sheet on how to create your USI here

Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Assessment

Prior to being accepted into your course, you may be required to sit a Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Assessment. Find out more in the video below:

Work Placement

Nationally recognised qualifications within the VET system are related directly to work. As such, you may be required to complete a workplacement.  Find out more in the video below.

Student Support

As a student of the Institute, we are committed to providing you with ensuring that you feel supported during your learning experience. Find out what this means in the video below.

Change of Personal Details

It is the student’s responsibility to keep AISR informed of any changes to details such as name, address or other contact details.

If a student’s address or other personal details change during the period of enrolment they must update information online within the student portal.

AISR is not responsible for failure to deliver information or records to students if the student has not provided information about such changes.

Defer, Withdraw or Transfer

To defer, withdraw or transfer from a course and/or module of study students must complete the Deferral/Withdrawal/Transfer Form and email to as soon as possible.

Please see our student handbook for more information.

Cancel (re-credit) your HELP Debt for a Unit of Study ‘Special Circumstances’

It is possible to have your FEE-HELP balance re-credited (under Part 6 of the VET Student Loans Act). You will need to complete a Withdrawal/Deferral Form prior to applying for Special Circumstances.  If you think you meeting the special circumstances criteria please complete this form and email to

To meet special circumstances, you need to show that the reason for which you are applying:

  • was beyond your control;
  • did not make the full impact on you until on or after the census date(s) of the unit(s); and
  • made it not practicable for you to complete the unit(s).

You will need to provide supporting documentation.

You can only apply to cancel (re-credit) your HELP debt for a Unit of Study under Special Circumstances if;

  • You will have a HELP debt for any units of study you did not withdraw from before the census date.
  • You can only apply to have your HELP debt re-credited for a particular unit of study if you meet the ‘special circumstances’ criteria.
  • Your HELP debt will not be cancelled for any units you have already successfully completed.
  • Your HELP debt will not be cancelled if you withdrew from study after the census date and you do not meet the criteria described.

Please note that the final decision is not made by the Australian Institute of Social Relations (AISR). We will put your case forward to Vet Student Loans (VSL) who will make the final determination. Should you not be satisfied with the outcome of the request then you have the right to appeal this decision. Please refer to for information on how you initiate this process.

A student may also apply to have their FEE-HELP balance recredited by applying directly to the Secretary as described under Section 71 of the VET Student Loans Act where:

  • the provider, or a person acting on the provider’s behalf, engaged in unacceptable conduct in relation to the student’s application for the VET student loan; or
  • the provider has failed to comply with the Act or an instrument under the Act and the failure has adversely affected the student.

Note that applications for re-crediting under section 71 of the Act must be made within 5 years after the census day for the course, or the part of the course, concerned, or within that period as extended by the Secretary.

Technical Requirements

To access and use online services, students will require:

  • A stable internet connection sufficient to stream video content is required. ADSL 2+ or higher is recommended.
  • The Chrome browser is recommended, but browsers should conform to the minimum specs as outlined below. Please note that Microsoft Internet Explorer versions 6, 7, 8 are not supported
  • JavaScript must be enabled
  • Cookies must be enabled
  • Pop-ups from the site must be allowed.

Browser Requirements

Browser Minimum version Recommended version
Google Chrome 30.0 Latest
Mozilla Firefox 25.0 Latest
Apple Safari 7 Latest
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 Latest

Not sure how to use an online tool in your course?

Log into our e-learning site and click on the help button to lodge a help ticket or email your course facilitator.

Cancelled Enrolment

The Institute may cancel a student’s enrolment under certain circumstances after the census day for a unit of study passes. Reasons may include:

  • Failure to meet timely progression requirements
  • For disruptive conduct
  • No contact – after repeated contact attempts are made
  • Failure to pay tuition fees owing
  • Failure to meet minimum attendance requirements

In all cases where the Institute is intending to cancel a student’s enrolment the Institute will:

  • Inform the student of the proposed cancellation 28 days prior to it taking effect.
  • Allow the student to appeal this decision within that 28-day period using the Complaints and Appeals procedure.
  • Proceed with the cancellation only after the appeal process has been finalised.


Complaints and Appeals

The Institute’s Managing Complaints and Appeals Policy outlines the ways in which you can lodge a complaint and/or appeal regarding an assessment outcomes. This policy also contains the Institute’s process for managing complaints and appeals.

Download Managing Complaints and Appeals Policy No: RTO 1.13

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