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Accidental Counsellor

Enrol 26 June | Berri Enrol 22 August | Berri Enrol 12 November | Hindmarsh Expressions Of Interest | Pt Augusta Skills Centre

Course Overview

Focus area Human wellbeing
Length Full day
Who is it for? Anyone, especially those in a service delivery role
Key Outcomes Respond appropriately

Course Description

Accidental counsellor is a full-day course that provides practical skills for when you are ‘being a counsellor’. Accidental counsellors often find themselves in a counselling role by accident, because of conversations or requests from customers, colleagues, friends or others.

Learn practical and effective skills to step into the shoes of a counsellor and support others when they are angry, distressed or experiencing a challenging time, including how to:

  • improve communication and skills for active listening
  • identify signs people may need emotional support
  • practice counselling techniques relevant to each participants’ roles
  • understand mental illness and suicide intervention
  • learn techniques to respond appropriately to aggressive or distressed clients and in crisis situations
  • develop skills to maintain one’s own professional boundaries and self-care strategies
  • use support options and referral information.

This training is suitable for workers in any profession, especially those in a service delivery role.

Please note: Skills Centre Training (Port Augusta and Berri) is supported by the Department for Education, Government of South Australia.


Student Feedback

“Really good course. I really liked the different questions and information throughout the day! A great revision for a social worker.”

Enrolment Information

Dates June 26, 2024, August 22, 2024, November 12, 2024
Time 9.30am – 4.30pm

The Institute
49a Orsmond Street, Hindmarsh
Berri and Port Augusta Skills Centres

Cost Full Fee $185 / Concession $150
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