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Marte Meo Practitioner Training

Enrol Thursday 9 May – Thurs 24 Oct

Course Overview

Focus area Child development
Length 6 days
Who is it for? Professionals who work with children and their parents
Key Outcomes Support child development

Course Description

Marte Meo, developed by Maria Aarts from the Netherlands, is a social-emotional developmental support program used by a variety of professions, including early childhood educators, social workers, psychiatrists, paediatricians and nurses and used in a range of sectors including early childhood, family support, disability and aged care. Established in over 50 countries, Marte Meo is valued because it helps build connection and establish better relationships.

The Marte Meo Practitioner training is a 6 day course. Participants learn to incorporate supportive Marte Meo communication skills into their daily work and are specially trained to be developmentally oriented through the use of the developmental checklists. The focus is on practical exercises and application, based on videos that the participants have recorded in everyday interactions within their field of work.

This six-day supportive communication skills training covers: 

  • An overview of Marte Meo
  • Exploring and practicing the adult supportive communications skills of following and leading
  • Making emotional connections
  • Activating development rather than compensating for the problem
  • Reading the developmental message behind behaviour
  • Recognising how to use supportive communication skills in daily interactions, in the right moment.

Course outcomes for a Marte Meo Practitioner: 

  • Participants will know how to use Marte Meo skills in their interactions
  • Participants will understand how they can use this information in their daily professional work to make warm, healthy connections
  • Participants will understand what to look for in interaction moments
  • Be able to put this knowledge and understanding into everyday practice.

This training is particularly suited to people from the child and family sectors, early childhood education, disability, and aged care.

NOTE: Please note this Practioner Level Training  is a prerequisite to continue studying to become an internationally qualified Marte Meo Therapist or Colleague trainer. To recieve International Accreditation training as a Marte Meo Practitioner, participants are required to attend all six days of the course.

*Minimum numbers are required for this course to run.

Enrolment Information

Dates May 9, 2024, June 27, 2024, July 25, 2024, August 22, 2024, September 19, 2024, October 24, 2024
Time 10am - 4pm

The Institute
49a Orsmond Street, Hindmarsh

Cost $750
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