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Penelope/FAHCSIA Error Investigation, Rectification and Prevention Workshop

The purpose of this workshop is to educate you on how to decipher FAHCSIA errors, determine the rectification path and also establish processes which ensure that you can prevent future errors. Penelope Excellence sets the goal of ZERO errors which means that FAHCSIA is then fully across the value they are receiving from your service.

This workshop has no upcoming dates however; please register and we will organise a workshop at a mutually agreed time.


  • A list of common errors deciphered with rectification path
  • A report of errors by workers

Suitable for:

System Administrators, Service Team Leaders, Practitioners and Client Service staff.  Appropriate for those who are responsible for ensuring data is submitted to FSPOnline.


Here is feedback from previous participants:

“The workshop was well paced and time was provided for questions at each stage. I learnt that separating errors into categories such as Athena, data etc and having a spreadsheet of errors are great ideas. I would recommend this training to others and would like to include some power users and use the webinar as further development of their training.”

– John Carroll, Anglicare Sydney

“The whole Penelope Excellence team had a very friendly approach towards the whole presentation, continuing to ask questions and our input which resulted in further discussions which was very helpful to me. I would recommend this training to others. The staff members at Penelope Excellence Consulting really go beyond just the presentation and maximise the time allocated with the workshop, leaving enough time for Q&A’s.”

– Shariff Apichatskuldej, Marymead

“I learnt a better understanding of errors and more importantly the best resolution for these errors. The excel spreadsheet will be an effective tool when needing to decipher errors in Penelope. I will update this and use it with my team. I would recommend this training to others. During the session I was thinking that this would be a good tool for Service Team Leaders to share with their Practitioners. A lot of the errors are recognised on the Client Activity and can be resolved very quickly.”

– Patricia Coppola, Client Services Team Leader, Relationships Australia (SA)




$200 per individual or $500 per organisation (up to 5 people from a single organisation)

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