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Facilitative mediation makes separation easier on families. Become a qualified Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner to get involved.

Separation and divorce are painful, life-disrupting events that can have the greatest impact on the most vulnerable members of the family – the children. As a family dispute resolution practitioner (FDRP), trained in facilitative mediation, you can help parents remain child focused, keeping the needs of children at the forefront of decisions about parenting and property agreements. The FDRP’s role is to create a safe environment for both parties to have a productive, child-focused discussion and hopefully reach agreements that will enable co-parenting decisions and plans to be created by the parties.

Using your knowledge of the requirements of family law, specialised support services and referral processes as a skilled mediator, you will refer individuals to access the supports they need to navigate the mediation process, towards a family’s future, post-separation, whilst remaining a neutral unbiased third party.

To become a mediator, you will have experience in law, social work, psychology or similar related fields before you study the graduate diploma in family dispute resolution. The training provided by the AISR, which is the training arm of Relationships Australia SA, is comprehensive and will support you with simulated and on the job skills building, with a child focused methodology central to the learning at all times.

If you looking for a rewarding career that supports families through the experience of separation to a brighter future, get in touch with the Course Coordinator at AISR on 08 8245 8100, or visit the GDFDR qualification page here and find out if this 12-month course could be for you.

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