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National Mediation Conference

The National Mediation Conference brings together mediation, negotiation and dispute resolution professionals to discuss, engage and extend thinking with new ideas and tools that can be applied across this diverse sector. This year the conference was held in Melbourne, with nine staff members from The Australian Institute of Social Relations and Relationships Australia (SA) attending the event…

The theme for this year’s conference was “Pathways to Resolution: the Challenge of Diversity” and it featured a range of presentations from practitioners, policy makers, researchers, managers, judges and leaders in the field.

Educators Jane Robertson and Mandy Clothier also presented at the conference, taking participants through their approach to eLearning and how they apply it when teaching the Vocational Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution.

“Presenting at the conference was an interesting and rewarding experience and I’m very happy we did it,” Mandy said. “However I would also have been happy to have attended without necessarily presenting as there was so much else to see!”

“My favourite part of the conference was attending some excellent presentations by people I hold in high regard, such as Jennifer McIntosh, Lawrie Moloney, Bill Eddy and Craig Hassed. This was professional development at its best as far as I’m concerned,” Mandy said.

“This was a particularly good conference in terms of its relevance to our FDR online course, as it provided us with material to update and enrich both our learning and that of the students,” Jane added.

The next National Mediation Conference will be held on the Gold Coast in 2016.

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