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Relationships Australia SA is accredited as a ‘White Ribbon Workplace’

On March 31 White Ribbon Australia was  pleased to announce Relationships Australia SA has successfully been accredited as a ‘White Ribbon Workplace’.

Over an 18 month period, Relationships Australia SA (RASA) and eight other workplaces went through a rigorous program participating in 15 assessment criteria under three separate standards. Relationships Australia SA submitted evidence of extensive staff consultation, staff engagement, staff training as well as new and improved HR policies and procedures.

“We congratulate these workplaces for their exceptional commitment to driving social change,” said Nicholas Cowdery AM QC Chair of White Ribbon.

“With one in three women experiencing physical and/or sexual violence perpetrated by someone known to them in Australia, the likelihood of a workplace employing a current, former or potential perpetrator and one or more victims of domestic violence is high.”

“Workplace Accreditation gives employers across all sectors the means to create and sustain a working environment based on equality and mutual respect. The benefits of standing up and speaking out about men’s violence against women extend beyond the immediate office environment.”

For more information, please visit White Ribbon – Australia’s campaign to prevent men’s violence against women.

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