Subsidised Courses

Here at the Australian Institute of Social Relations, we offer government training subsidies to eligible students across nominated qualifications.



JobTrainer provides funding to help young people, school leavers and job seekers have access to low-fee short courses and qualifications.

JobTrainer increases the Government subsidy (referenced below) to support more school leavers, young people and job seekers to access low-fee training. Under JobTrainer, courses listed below are accessible to eligible students at a low cost:

You may be able to study a low-fee course through JobTrainer if you are:

  • out of work,
  • receiving an income support payment, or
  • aged 17 – 24

To check your eligibility, click here to get started.


SA Government Subsidy 

If you want to study a course that will give you skills employers need, you may be able to pay reduced course fees through the SA Government Subsidy. 

If your training is subsidised, the South Australian Government pays part of your course fees for you.  

State Government subsidies are now available for the following qualifications: 

To check your eligibility, click here to get started.

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