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Workforce Development

The advantages of studying as a mature aged student

As a prospective mature aged student, it can be daunting to head back to studying. You may have left school some time ago, or may have decided on a career change later in life… Whatever your situation is, it’s okay! Here at the Australian Institute of Social Relations, we’re here to support and guide you throughout your studies, no matter what your educational background is. 

Plus, there are several benefits to being a mature aged student. Want to know more? Let’s discuss… 


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Working Better with Nunga Kids: an essential course for all Community Service workers

Sarah Decrea, Practice Leader Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Services along with Karina Mitchell, Parenting Educator and qualified First-Touch Program Instructor have developed and delivered ‘Working Better with Nunga Kids’ workshop to the Community and Human Services sector for a few years now. They bring a rich cultural experience to this one-day training.  

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