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The advantages of studying as a mature aged student

As a prospective mature aged student, it can be daunting to head back to studying. You may have left school some time ago, or may have decided on a career change later in life… Whatever your situation is, it’s okay! Here at the Australian Institute of Social Relations, we’re here to support and guide you throughout your studies, no matter what your educational background is. 

Plus, there are several benefits to being a mature aged student. Want to know more? Let’s discuss… 


You’re older, and wiser 

Studying later in life generally means that you will have developed a different sense of the world. Now, you know what you want. Mature aged students (also known as adult learners) tend to have more life experience under their belt. This translates to transferable skills that will help bring context to your learning. 

You’re ready to learn 

Mature aged students tend to be more driven. You have a goal and you’re ready to achieve it. This go-getter attitude will help you in achieving your studies and gaining the rewarding career you want. You’re a self-starter! 

You’re not afraid to ask questions 

Adult learners tend to not be afraid to ask questions – which is key for a great learning experience! If you’re ever struggling at some point in your studies, your professors and teachers at the Institute are here to help. 


So, there you have it! If you’re an adult learner and want to undergo a short course or qualification here at the Institute, we encourage you to reach out.  

Learn more about our short courses here.

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We look forward to hearing from you! 

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