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Take a sneak peek into the Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution (FDR).

Module: Working Safely and Working with Complexity
During this module, participants will continue to develop their skills in client screening and conducting intake and assessment, and address their safety concerns in a professional and practical manner. Like much of the FDR course, this module is a mix between a self-paced online modules and live-tutorials. Mediation examples and face-to-face session role-plays are included to help students gain confidence in the intake and assessment process.

Practical skills assessments (role-plays), towards the end of the module, will cover the obligations of an FDR Practitioner, legal responsibilities, confidentiality and referral options (ie. financial advice, domestic violence support services, legal advice). The scenarios in this module will also involve some more complex issues and serious client matters. Mediation role-plays will include private sessions (caucus) to enable students to gain a practical understanding of how to manage the facilitative mediation process, in a simulated environment.

For this role-play of the facilitative model of mediation, educators are looking for students to set and work with an agenda, summarise, clarify, re-frame, address power imbalances, explore client concerns, perform reality testing, and undertake exploration.

While some students may be very comfortable in these scenarios, others may still require more exposure to feel confident and find their personal mediation style. During these learning sessions, facilitators will be coaching each participant through the role-play to provide immediate feedback and ongoing support.

Sound interesting? Everyday best practice is built into our 12 month Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution. A limited mid-year intake for Adelaide and Sydney is now open.

Enrolments close Friday, 12 July 2019.

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