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Feature Course: Mental Health First Aid

Would you know what to do if you encountered someone experiencing a mental health crisis? Like any type of crisis, being able to offer practical and timely assistance is critical. Our Mental Health First Aid course provides participants with knowledge and strategies that show you how to assist anyone suffering from a mental illness to get the help they need…

This two day course was developed in Canberra by Betty Kitchener, an Australian mental health educator. Since its development in 2001, Mental Health First Aid has gone on to become a well-recognised and highly regarded course, now taught in countries all over the world.

The course explores current mental health issues and the sorts of problems people face in today’s society, as well as the signs and symptoms of mental illness. The course also focusses on providing a “can do strategy” that is practical and hands-on.

Karen Bull, Mental Health First Aid Educator at the Institute, said the course is not about training people to become psychologists or counsellors, but rather to recognise potential mental health problems and to assist a person in crisis until they can get professional help.

“The course is all about making sure everyday people feel confident and empowered, and have an understanding of the practical assistance they can provide to someone experiencing a mental health crisis,” Karen said.

“Just like health first aid, it’s about providing support and assistance until the professionals arrive, and once people realise that, they often feel relieved.”

The strategies taught in the course have been scientifically researched and proven to be effective, with participants offering overwhelming positive feedback on completion of the course.

“The most common feedback we hear is ‘everybody should do it!’ and that mental health first aid is just as important as health first aid,” Karen said.

“I think people like the practical nature of the course and easy application of the strategies, with many commenting that they no longer feel helpless when it comes to dealing with a mental health crisis.”

To register your interest in our Mental Health First Aid course, please phone 08 8245 8100.


Start: May 16 @ 9:30 am

End: May 17 @ 4:30 pm



$250 per person group discount is available for group enrolments of 6 or more (booked at the same time from the same organisation).

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