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Student Testimonials

Want to know what it’s like to study at the Institute? Hear what some of our students have had to say…

“I didn’t know if I could do it but I had to give it a shot if I wanted to realise my dream. I hadn’t studied since I left high school some decades ago.  I shopped around and am so happy that I chose to study at the Australian Institute of Social Relations.  The quality facilitators have worked or currently are working in the “field”, so their knowledge is up to date.  I found them to be very supportive and generous with their knowledge.  It was a great experience and I would certainly use the institute again for any further study.”

Janene, Diploma of Counselling, 2016

“After finding myself in a situation of having to start my working career again as a mature person study and qualifications became my only option. Deciding to apply and study through the Australian Institute of Social Relations was the best decision I have made to meet my educational needs. I have completed the Certificate IV in Mental Health and Certificate IV in Information Referral and Advice as well as the Diploma of Counselling within the last two years. At one point I found myself studying two fulltime courses and having to work full time. I could not have done this without the support and understanding of the Institute Staff and Trainers. This Institution focusses not only on its professional approach to presenting the course content but also takes a holistic approach when it comes to student care and assistance. The times when I thought this is too much or when the course work needed one on one help and assistance for me to complete assessments the staff and trainers were there for me every time. If you are looking for a professional, compassionate, holistic non discriminatory organisation to study with then you cannot go wrong with the Australian Institute of Social Relations.”

Sue, Diploma of Counselling, Certificate IV in Mental Health & Certificate IV in Information Referral and Advice, 2016

“While completing my Diploma of Counselling I found the program to be comprehensive and detailed; very relevant to my career goals. I also found the presenters and facilitators to be valuable, both in terms of their amazing knowledge and skill base, and their support and motivation throughout the program. Highly recommended.”

Leon, Diploma of Counselling, 2016

 “Overall it was a good experience, the trainers were very good. The training I did was specific to CALD communities so I got to know about many other cultures and met so many new people through the duration of the course.”

Vivek, Diploma of Counselling, 2016

 “Happy, safe environment for positive learning. The AISR met my individual learning style needs.”

Amanda, Certificate IV in Mental Health, 2016

“Very beneficial in being able to practice. It has increased my confidence.”

Shoshanna, Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution, 2016  

“The course exceeded my expectations. The amount of information received was excellent and the face-to-face content broadened my world perspective”

Mahailia, Certificate III in Community Services Work, 2016

“The course was very intensive, but the information and knowledge gained from the face-to-face training was invaluable”

Joanne, Diploma of Community Services (Financial Counselling), 2016 

“The Institute has made distance learning a possibility for me as they have enabled me to join in lectures via Skype. They have been very flexible and accommodating for my needs, and the customer service I received during enrolment was at a very high standard. The online lectures I have participated in so far have been very informative and interesting, my lecturer clearly has a lot of knowledge about Case Management and is very passionate about what he teaches.”

Rebecca, Diploma of Community Services (Case Management) student, 2014

“I am very impressed with the FDR/Mediation online course and I will be recommending it to colleagues.”

Gillian, Graduate Diploma of FDR student, 2012

“Thank you for the wonderful and encouraging feedback. You made my day! It was so great that you could sense my commitment and passion to work in the Mental Health field. I have enjoyed studying with the Institute and learnt so much in the last module.”

Michelle, Certificate IV Mental Health student, 2014

“The Australian Institute of Social Relations staff are helpful, professional and highly skilled. I received immediate replies to my questions online and was very impressed with the level of training I received.”

Joanne, Graduate Diploma of FDR student, 2012


“It was a pleasure to study with the Australian Institute of Social Relations. I appreciated the wealth and depth of material and all of the creative ways it is presented throughout the course”

Mark, Graduate Diploma of FDR student, 2012

“It has been a blessing studying at the Institute. Iain is possibly the best lecturer I’ve had, the multicultural diversity is invigorating and professionalism is reassuring. Your support has been prompt, concise and clear and I thank you for that – no other TAFE or training institution I have studied with has offered this level of student support and information.”

Karen, Certificate IV in Community Development student, 2014

“I found the online aspect of the course easy to use and it allowed me the flexibility I needed with a young family. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone interested in this field.”

Tammie, Graduate Diploma of FDR student, 2013

“It was an excellent course that I can highly recommend.”

Karsten, Graduate Diploma of FDR student, 2013

“The teaching style stood out for me the most. In places it was almost like a drama workshop, it got us all off our feet and out of our comfort zones. This was particularly appropriate given that much of the work I’m now doing challenges my assumptions and judgements. I’m in a position where I can’t rest on any one understanding of Mental Health or of the people using these services. This interactivity was the strongest learning experience of the course and also the most fun. On the whole I’d recommend to anyone who wants to get into the community services that they should consider the Institute.”

Jonathon, Certificate IV in Mental Health student, 2014

“My initial reservation for online learning decreased once I realized how well structured and user friendly the course was. I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of the program and can strongly recommend it.”

Liliane, Graduate Diploma of FDR student, 2014

“Thank you very much for the flexibility this course offers its students. I have learnt so much and appreciate all the extra work you do, it’s been my pleasure to study with you.”

Graeme, Graduate Diploma of FDR student, 2014

“Our relationship with the Institute has been fantastic to date. While we were looking for a training provider, they agreed to meet with us to discuss our staff’s specific needs. This was important as we have staff with a range of language, literacy and numeracy skills, some have very limited experience using a computer and for many of our staff this was the first time they were completing any study. The Institute are able to offer face to face training days at our work place which is important to our staff as they require face to face support. My staff also feel comfortable to approach the trainers and ask for any additional support they might require, the staff at the Institute are very contactable and will provide the support our staff require. As a result of the training, our staff are much more confident and better equipped to perform their job roles. Our client families are receiving a more rounded service where the staff have an in-depth understanding of the community services sector and are aware of other services in the area.”

Vanessa, Novita Children’s Services, 2014



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