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COVID-19 Response 

Important advice regarding our COVID-19 Response  

We want to assure you that Relationships Australia South Australia (RASA) and The Australian Institute of Social Relations has adjusted our service delivery methods to ensure the continuation of our important family and community programs during this community emergency.  

Where possible and practical, most of our appointments and classes are being provided online, by telephone or via videoconferencing.   

However, there are some services that cannot be provided using telephone or videoconferencing. Some face-to-face contact will, therefore, be required. When we have face-to-face contact, we will include the COVID-19 Drill as part of our normal practice. 

What is the COVID-19 Drill? 

The COVID-19 Drill in four easy steps:  

  1. Confirmation you or your family do not have cold, flu or fever symptoms and that you have not been overseas in the last 14 days. 
  2. Clean hands immediately before the appointment (with an alcohol sanitiser or soap and water) 
  3. Coughing or sneezing into the elbow or tissue during the appointment 
  4. Social distancing by maintaining a distance of 1.5 metres. 

With the COVID-19 Drill in place, we also expect to conduct some group sessions that cannot be facilitated online, continue to do home visiting as required.   

Professional learning will be hosted via teleconferencing or videoconferencing. Details will be provided to participants as relevant. 

To check the latest info about contact tracing in SA, please go here.  

We strongly encourage everyone to check the SA Health website for updates and to follow their latest advice. Your cooperation will help keep the community, clients, students, staff and volunteers safe. 

For information about SA lockdown and where to access support, see RASA’s article here.

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