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New Qualification: Diploma of Community Services CHC52015

As the Community Services and Health Industry adapts to a new funding and service delivery environment, there is evidence of increased demand for different roles and specific skills. To meet this increased demand, this industry will need more qualified workers. As such, the Australian Institute of Social Relations will be offering a new qualification – the Diploma of Community Services (CHC52015).

It is expected that one in every four new jobs created between 2013 and 2018 will be in the Community Services and Health Industry (Training and Skills Commission: Report on South Australia’s Industry Priority Qualifications March 2016). There is also evidence of increased demand for specific skills and changing roles.

Our Diploma of Community Services will ensure that areas of commonality are highlighted across community services work, including the design and development of person centred services and programs, the management of issues related to community services work and community engagement including HR management and supervision of others. To enrol in this qualification, follow the link here. 

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