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Representing children in legal proceedings (Free Webinar)

The legal representation of vulnerable children is arguably one of the most critical roles played by lawyers in the family and child protection legal systems.

Child representatives play a vital role in facilitating the participation of the child, gathering evidence and focusing courts and parties on the views of the children who are the subject of these legal proceedings.

Kylie Beckhouse is a leader in the field of child legal representation practice and has just returned from a study tour of child legal representation schemes in America, Canada and the United Kingdom. In this webinar she will discuss notable developments and initiatives taking place internationally in the area of child legal representation. Kylie will describe her impressions of current international practices, and the initiatives that could improve Australian approaches to child legal representation.

The webinar will provide an overview of different approaches in international practice, including:

  • using different structures to deliver child representation services according to jurisdiction
  • allocating cases and appointing child representatives
  • getting information about children and families before the courts early
  • roles and practices that support children and families through court processes
  • hearing the voice of the child
  • ensuring that quality child legal representation services are delivered
  • improving outcomes for children through system-wide initiatives

This Webinar is a collaboration between Child Family Community Australia and the Family Law Pathways Network.

Please follow the link to register:

Event date: 09 July- 1pm – 2pm AEST

Cost: FREE


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