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New Workforce Development Courses in 2017

As a leading education and training provider, we believe it is vital for workers to take time to leave their desks and engage in learning and development. ‘Working therapeutically with men who perpetrate violence’ and ‘Keeping people engaged’ are two new programs developed by AISR for 2017 to keep you at the edge of best practice!

Working therapeutically with men who perpetrate violence

Responding effectively to both victims and perpetrators of family violence is a key intervention strategy. Sustained, long-term engagement with perpetrators has been identified as a current gap in effective service delivery, and a proactive approach that goes to the source of the problem – the perpetrators of abuse – is needed. (Collaborative Responses in the Family Law System, AVERT Family Violence, 2010)

‘Working therapeutically with men who perpetrate violence’ offers workers in counselling-oriented roles the opportunity to develop skills in talking to men who use violence.  Facilitated by David Tully, Practice Manager of Specialised Family Violence Services, the program covers:

  • factors that promote behaviour change in men who abuse
  • how to support the process of accepting responsibility
  • how to assist men in seeking help

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We have the capacity to deliver this course in-house and in regional areas.  Please call us on (08) 8245 8100 to discuss your training needs.

Keep people engaged: designing and delivering meaningful group activities

With our phones, social media and a myriad of other modern distractions, keeping people engaged for longer than three minutes is quite a challenge. Whether you work with families, children and young people, or dream of facilitating enjoyable team meetings, our new ‘Keep people engaged’ two-day program will help you to become a skillful group leader no matter what scenario you find yourself in.

Having a better understanding of the role of a group leader makes it easier to facilitate engaging and meaningful group programs. In this course, you will discover strategies to deliver purposeful and well-planned group programs and learn how to apply the experiential learning cycle.

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