Blood Borne Viruses Online Training

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About the Online Training Program

Blood Borne Viruses: An Orientation, is a free, interactive online learning program, developed by the Australian Institute of Social Relations for the South Australian viral hepatitis and HIV sectors.

As an orientation to workers (both paid and unpaid), this course aims to develop awareness and provides a broad understanding of the current landscape and common themes around blood borne viruses in Australia and South Australian.

This training offers knowledge and skills to respond effectively to people living with viral hepatitis and/or HIV and is equivalent to 8 hours of professional development.

Introductory Video

Who can participate?

This training is suitable for anyone working to support people living with viral hepatitis and/or HIV.  This includes people in voluntary and/or caring roles.

Training Program Format

The training program is provided as an interactive online course involving audiovisual presentations, video lectures and interviews, links to resources and quizzes.

We estimate the learning and associated activities will take eight hours to complete. You can work through these at your own pace.

The topics covered are:

  1. Introduction to blood borne viruses: An Australian perspective
  2. Viral hepatitis: An overview
  3. Hepatitis B: The basics
  4. Hepatitis C: The basics
  5. HIV: The basics
  6. Responding effectively to people living with viral hepatitis and/or HIV

System Requirements

For accessing Blood Borne Viruses Online Training a HTML5 compatible Web browser (Edge, Internet Explorer 10+, Chrome, Firefox or Safari etc.) is recommended as well as the Adobe Flash Player (plugin/extension).

Additionally, a PDF reader (such as Adobe Reader, OpenPDF, Foxit etc.) and Microsoft Office Word (or equivalent) is required to open some resources.

For a good experience with video and audio content, we recommend a broadband internet connection or a 4G wireless internet connection. Alternatively, consider viewing the mobile version of the Blood Borne Viruses Online Training.

If you experience technical difficulties when using the e-learning platform, visit the Help Centre for further troubleshooting advice or consider contacting your workplace’s IT department. After completing your own troubleshooting, the Australian Institute of Social Relations is available to assist (see Help Centre for contact details).


This online training program is free of cost.

Training Program at a Glance

  • Start at any time
  • Work at your own pace
  • 8 hours estimated total to complete all learning and activities
  • Certificate of completion provided
  • English language only

Accessibility Information

If you do not find the delivery of this online learning accessible for your needs, please contact us at to discuss alternatives.

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