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Why choose Penelope Excellence Consulting?

A proven history of success

The consulting staff at Penelope Excellence are part of Relationships Australia SA, which pioneered implementing Penelope in the Community Services sector in Australia. Our consulting staff work with Relationships Australia SA to keep them at the leading edge of the Penelope Client Information System. We are passionate about the potential of Penelope to add real value to any community sector agency.

All of our staff have a long history of working with Penelope, both at Relationships Australia SA and with clients such as Australian Community Services Organisation (ACSO), LifeWorks, Interrelate, Relationships Australia (NSW) Relationships Australia (NT), Relationships Australia (Canberra and Regions), Anglicare WA and Anglicare Sydney.

An understanding of the community services sector

Penelope Excellence focusses solely on consulting around Penelope and value-adding to the community services sector. We are well aware of the nuances involved in this sector’s work – finer points which are not always well understood by those outside the sector.

Value for money

We understand that it can be difficult to justify investing in consulting services, especially when funds are limited. And while there is a cost associated with engaging our services, getting the right people for the job – people who not only understand the system but also understand the sector – can save you time and money in the long run.

Your investment with Penelope Excellence means that you are engaging a high level of expertise and a history of delivering outstanding results. We have training and experience and a proven track record in:

  • project management
  • business systems analysis
  • change management.

Most importantly, we are committed to ensuring that the benefits of our expertise are realised in your important investment in the Penelope Client Information System.

It’s your choice

To avoid wasting time, losing goodwill among staff, and failing to achieve a return on your investment in Penelope, you could try a number of strategies. You could:

  • Hire internal resources with the appropriate skills
  • Invest in training current staff to build up the appropriate skills
  • Engage an external resource with a high level of expertise and a history of delivering outstanding results.

If you choose the latter, we would be delighted to provide you with a proposal of how we can assist you.

Whatever you choose, we wish you a successful outcome and a pathway to business excellence from your investment in the Penelope Client Information System.

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