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Baby In Mind First Touch Program – Instructor Training

The First Touch Program is a relationship-based intervention, designed to support and promote healthy and secure relationships. Activities in the program involve a mix of infant massage, healthy touch, voice, singing, pacing, eye-gazing, movement and other interactions. Activities are structured in such a way to help parents recognise and sensitively respond to their baby’s cues and communication, and to support healthy serve-and-return interactions.

Aimed at health and community workers, this four (4) day training qualifies you an Infant Massage Instructor.


It is the only training program available in Australia which meets government and industry approved competency standards for Delivering Infant Massage Education to Families.

Graduates receive a nationally recognised certification.

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CHC80308 Graduate Diploma of Family Dispute Resolution

This qualification aims to provide participants with knowledge in:

  • Conflict management
  • Problem solving methodologies
  • Alternative dispute resolution

It also aims to develop participants’ skills in working with couples, families and children in a variety of contexts, including:

  • Post separation or divorce
  • Conflict around shared parenting responsibilities and care
  • Conflict around property division and settlement
  • Complex relationship dynamics
  • Family and domestic violence
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