Deactivating the Buttons: A trauma-informed workshop with Dr Laurie MacKinnon

Integrating a trauma lens with a counselling framework: A two-day workshop for counsellors, psychologists, social workers and mental health professionals

This workshop outlines and critiques common therapeutic approaches to working with trauma and demonstrates how Radical Exposure Tapping (RET) can be used quickly and effectively to resolve memories of disturbing events that fuel PTSD, anxiety, fears, emotional reactivity and patterns of escalating conflict.

Participants receive hands-on clinical training for integrating Radical Exposure Tapping (RET) into a counselling framework.

About Dr Laurie MacKinnon PhD

For over 30 years, Laurie MacKinnon PhD has provided counselling for individuals, couples and families, supervision and training of therapists and mental health professionals and consultation to many of Sydney’s counselling organisations. She has published widely within the field of couple and family therapy and is the author of Trust and Betrayal in the Treatment of Child Abuse.

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