New qualifications available through the AISR

Attain new qualifications that reflect the significant changes that have occurred across the community services industry  over the last few years.

National reforms have brought about changes in the way services are delivered in aged services, health and disability, as well as the move to different funding models.

Some of the major changes in service demand and delivery mean that workers are being required to:

  • increasingly work in multidisciplinary teams
  • shift from implementing ‘illness’ models to ‘wellness’ models of health and wellbeing
  • work within a recovery approach in mental health
  • support clients with increasingly complex needs
  • tailor care and support approaches to individual needs using a person-centred approach

The Institute can help you to acquire and learn the new skills and knowledge needed of a community services worker.

Our qualifications are informed by Relationships Australia SA service delivery in community work, mental health and wellbeing, working with children and young people, advocacy, mediation, counselling, group work and relationship education.

Our multidisciplinary approach and experience in community service work will ensure you are ready to move into new and emerging roles within the community sector.

For example, support workers are now required to employ a person-centred approach involving implementing a plan and monitoring and gaining feedback on their client’s satisfaction with the plan using a consultative approach.

Person-centred and consumer-directed care requires the support worker to have well developed communication skills to work with the client and the family.

Support workers need to understand their role including limitations, expectations and knowing when and where to obtain guidance and support for themselves and the person they are supporting.

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This year we have added five new qualifications to our offerings:

In addition to our existing qualifications:

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